If you're like us, you want a workout experience with results: Get fit, Feel great. Wherever you are.

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For People like us

Get fit, feel great with FitUp. FitUp takes the guesswork out of your fitness and gives you clear direction. Whether you're at home, outdoors, or don't have a lot of time, we've got something just right for you, no matter your skill or athletic ability.

Smart people (which I'm pretty sure you're one of them) know it's hard to achieve fitness goals without a clear plan. That's where FitUp comes in. We've devised collections of workouts (by real trainers and coaches, mind you) that tell you exactly what to do, and how much of it to do... right here in the app. It's easy (well, following the workout is easy. How hard you sweat is up to you).

When you're finished working out, it's time to record your sccore and notes in the logbook. Your future self is patting you on the back for getting healthier and fitter. Bask in the glory!

FitUp has a few notable features:
- Wide selection of workouts and plans for all levels.
- Clear movement and timer display
- Keep track of progress in your logbook
- A path to a healthier YOU

FitUp is for everyday people like us.

Oftentimes we have good intentions with working out, but we sometimes lack a plan (I don't mean the "Monday/Wednesday Swole Day Leg Day" kind of plan). We just need some ideas and direction to get us going - at home, in a park, or at the gym. Wherever - doesn't matter. The goal is to get you in great shape... and keep you there for lasting health.

Now, Here's Your Plan

So, about this plan... With FitUp you get workouts that will get you going, and keep you going.

Here's the thing. You don't have to be a buff or beautiful bod like you see in those workout videos. This is for regular people like you and me. Take each workout at your own pace and ability. Over the next few weeks and months, keep with it; you'll notice your fitness and health is improving. Level up your fitness.

Keeping Track

FitUp helps you keep track of your progress.

That workout that used to take 15 minutes to finish now takes 12. How do you now? You can track workouts in your Log Book. If not for the sense of accomplishment, at least you can give yourself a pat on the back for leveling up your fitness and health.

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